Close and transparent

You will be able to track your transfers at all moments.

Our experience is our biggest asset

17 years in the money transfer business

Close and Safe

Monty provides a simple and safe way to send money worldwide

Our commitment to you

The best, most reliable payment network for quick, secure and convenient money transfers.

Our first priority here at Monty is you. We offer the best and most reliable payment network through fast, safe and convenient operations, allowing your family to receive the money you send, with total transparency and at a clearly stated price. We will keep you updated with the status of your transfer at all times and notify you once it’s received. You can always count on Monty.

With us your money is always protected. In the event of an incident, or if the recipient cannot cash the remittance, Monty will reimburse the full amount.

At any moment to any part of the world

In MGP we work in the money transfer business since 2004. Nowadays you can send your money from the main countries in Europe to 165 countries.

We continue working to reach agreements with each counties’ principal correspondents to make you able to dispose of all payment methods in a matter of minutes. : cash payments, deposit money into bank accounts, add funds to mobile phone wallets, and, in some countries, receive funds directly from home.


We love getting feedback from our customers in order to continue to improve our service and to make their user experience better every day. That is why we ask them to take a minute to give us feedback on their experience in our online platform.

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