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Here at Monty Global Payments we are in the international money transfer business and have specialized in sending money online. We provide our clients with access to a safe, fast and affordable system for sending money to family and friends via local agents or through our website.
Since 2004, over 450,000 customers have entrusted us with 9,000,000 transactions to 148 countries all across the globe.

We have gained our customers’ trust in 8 countries

Despite being relative newcomers to the business, we at Monty have fought hard for our customers’ trust and currently enjoy a solid prestige and recognition, especially in Spain. We have 1,200 points of sale that provide distributed amongst the countries we operate in, and our website provides service to Europe’s eight largest outbound countries, which represent just over 80% of the migrant community and remittance market. Our network counts with over 141.000 payment points distributed all over the world, being able to receive money in different ways.

Monty expects the highest level of integrity and commitment from all its employees, regardless of the responsibility they may exercise. Maintaining Monty’s good reputation and prestige is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of the country they work in or the position they hold.

In Monty we encourage and foster the concept of work as something motivating by presenting our employees with challenges that are both stimulating and entertaining. We believe it is easier to achieve great and awesome things in this corporate environment, and we take pride in our achievements, both at personal and group levels.

We place great importance on having a team made up of people from diverse backgrounds, who are energetic and passionate, and who approach their work, leisure and life creatively. We search for good people rather than good professionals, who contribute with new ideas that can be discussed, tested and implemented when feasible and profitable.

Our Corporate Conduct Principles were defined in order to maintain our reputation as a reliable stakeholder, and in accordance to the values and principles that guide our decisions and actions.

We believe that good corporate governance entails maintaining an intelligent balance between long and short-term interests within a market economy. For this reason we must foster a transparent governance structure that takes into account the interests of all parties: employees, customers, agents, correspondents, shareholders, and society in general.

Monty’s Corporate Conduct Principles go beyond laws and regulations and are based on the company’s defining values. They can be summed up as follows: Leadership, Responsibility, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Meritocracy, Clarity, Excellence, Innovation, and Resource Optimization.

Our commitment to you

The best, most reliable payment network for quick, secure and convenient money transfers.

Our first priority here at Monty is you. We offer the best and most reliable payment network through fast, safe and convenient operations, allowing your family to receive the money you send, with total transparency and at a clearly stated price. We will keep you updated with the status of your transfer at all times and notify you once it’s received. You can always count on Monty.

With us your money is always protected. In the event of an incident, or if the recipient cannot cash the remittance, Monty will reimburse the full amount.

At any moment to any part of the world

In MGP we work in the money transfer business since 2004. Nowadays you can send your money from the main countries in Europe to 165 countries.

We continue working to reach agreements with each counties’ principal correspondents to make you able to dispose of all payment methods in a matter of minutes. : cash payments, deposit money into bank accounts, add funds to mobile phone wallets, and, in some countries, receive funds directly from home.


We love getting feedback from our customers in order to continue to improve our service and to make their user experience better every day. That is why we ask them to take a minute to give us feedback on their experience in our online platform.

  • Ana Mar

    Fast and efficient... I tried these financial services to send money to Venezuela because there was a health emergency in the family. Monty’s financial services were efficient and fast. My family could have the resources in time to meet the medical expenses. I am very satisfied with their service.

    Ana Mar, Monty Online Client
  • Luis

    Faster and more comfortable: impossible I recently moved to another neighborhood of Madrid. I discovered MONTY a few days later while going home by the subway after work, I was looking for a call-shop near my house. I registered in less than 1 minute and I finished my transfer in less than 5 minutes. I had to send a picture of my Passport to be able to make transfer, but the truth is it was very easy because I was able to do it with my mobile phone. My mother received her money almost immediately. And on top, it was free! Queues to transfer money have ended!

    Luis, Monty Online Client
  • Lucía

    Excellent! I had an excellent experience using this company to transfer Money. They offer quick deliveries and reliability. When I had doubts about the status of my transfer, I called MONTY’s central offices and they gave me a good and efficient customer service. What I like about MONTY’s online service is that I am able to make transfers without leaving home, I can do it at any time! If I pay using a bank card, the transfer is sent immediately and beneficiaries receive the transfer rapidly in their bank account or by cash pick-up, depending on the payment method I choose.

    Lucía, Monty Online Client
  • Ivanna

    Excellent service I used to send money to my family from a call-shop, but now, with MONTY Online I am able to do it without leaving home, from my mobile in a safe and comfortable way. I am able to choose the payment method which best adapts to my interests in each moment. And the most important: money arrives really fast to its destination, with no delays or incidents. I’m sure I will use again their services next month.

    Ivanna, Monty Online Client
  • David

    Fast and easy Some friend suggested me to use MONTY’s website for the comfort and its ease of use. Besides, tax rates are better than ones offered by call-shop and I don’t even have to leave my home to make a transfer! I think it’s great! I recommend it to everyone.

    David, Monty Online Client
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