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Enjoy an affordable, fast, and safe way of sending money

Here at Monty Global Payments we are in the international money transfer business and have specialised in sending money online. We provide our clients with access to a safe, fast and affordable system for sending money to family and friends via local agents or our through our website.

Since 2004, over 450,000 customers have entrusted us with 9,000,000 transactions, in 148 all across the globe.

More than 141,000 payment points

Our network has over 141,000 payment points around the world, allowing recipients to collect cash, deposit money into their bank accounts, add funds to their mobile phone wallets, and, in some countries, receive funds directly from home.

We have gained our customers’ trust in 8 countries

Although relative newcomers to the business, we at Monty have fought hard for our customers’ trust and enjoy a solid reputation, especially in Spain. We have 1,200 points of sale that provide services to 80% of all immigrants in Europe’s eight largest countries.

Our key to success: providing a high-quality, reliable and innovative service

We believe the key to success and steady growth relies on our refusal to take shortcuts in terms of quality, reliability and innovation–through smart, technology-intensive process–of service. What sets us apart is our drive to achieve the highest quality service for our customers and agents.

United States and major European markets

We provide online coverage in United States and major European markets: Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. We will always have our customer’s back when it comes to sending money safely. Our goal is to help you meet your needs and obligations in your country of origin.

Money Service Business (MSB) 31000098486190 from the FinCEN Treasury Department

Monty Global Payments was registered in 2017 in the FinCEN Treasury Department with registration number 31000098486190 as MSB licensed to operate as Money Transmitter. MGP currently holds licenses in the state of Florida.

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