We work to make your daily work simpler, more flexible and more profitable.

Become an agent and be our partner

When you become a Monty Agent it means you also become a partner of Monty Global Payments because we tie together what’s most important to you—what you already have, your customers, and hard work – to a business. When you become a Monty Agent we provide you with the tools that enable you to really manage your business. Our powerful application allows you to easily set the most suitable price policy for each customer. You can increase sales and maximise profits while still providing the best option for customers, with no investment required on your part.

Your daily work: simpler, more flexible and more profitable

We will work hand by hand to grow together. Monty Global Payments has thought of everything you need as an Agent, and will provide you with a series of key advantages that will make your day-to-day job simpler, more flexible and, above all, very profitable.

You will always be free to be competitive

Nobody knows your business and competitive environment as well as you do, and MONTY knows it. This is the reason why we always give you the space and freedom necessary to remain competitive.

Exclusive zone

Exclusive zone, provided you maintain an adequate turnover relative to the area in which your premises are located. Exclusivity is a significant competitive advantage since it guarantees that all customers seeking our remittance service will come to your business by precluding other agents from working in your area.

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