Our agents´ benefits

Being a Monty partner brings unique advantages that will make your business thrive.

  • Specialised post-sales service able to provide solutions to your concerns.
  • Fast, flexible, and easy to use application that enables you to access your remittances at any time.
  • Wide coverage in more than 160 countries.
  • Customer service tailored to your and your customers’ schedules, enabling you to access the status of your remittances at any time.
  • Simple and reliable financial system.
  • Customised service: our quality surveys back us up and show that our agents are extremely satisfied with the commercial, operational, technical, and financial attention they receive from Monty.
  • Flexible pricing: the agent participates in a pricing system that enables them to become more competitive and adjust the price to each customer.
  • Profitability: we provide our agents with some of the sector’s highest commissions. The agent not only receives a fixed fee per remittance, but also benefits from a percentage of the amount sent.
  • Guaranteed zone exclusivity: provided the agent maintains the agreed business volume, we will respect your status as the exclusive Monty agent in your area.
  • Our software platform facilitates and streamlines transactions at the point of issue: take advantage of our system’s built-in scanner, passbook printer with magnetic stripe, and coded cards for signing receipts.
  • Security: we place great importance on providing the best custom security applications to our agents.
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