Legal Conditions

We comply with all applicable regulations in every country in which we operate. Clarity is one of our core principles.

Monty always strictly complies with all currently applicable legislation in every country in which we operate. Clarity is one of our corporate values: “We are straightforward and transparent. Our language is simple and our actions always aboveboard“.

The legal conditions, forms and procedures required in the unlikely event that you need to make a complaint, can be found here.

The legal forms that govern the relationship with our customers and the documents and procedures you will need in the unlikely event of an incident with your remittance, or if you wish to file a claim, can be found here.

The forms are structured as follows: the legal conditions that you must read and accept before using Monty’s services are to the left. To the right you will find a brief explanation of the contractual terms and conditions (this explanation is not legally binding and does not entail a commitment by Monty).



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