Quality of service starts at the customer and ends when the recipient receives payment.

Here at Monty, we are aware that great service begins with the relationship to the customer (either through one of our agents, or online channels) and ends the moment the recipient is paid. We work to establish and maintain close business relationships with financial institutions and specialised payment companies in our customers’ countries of origin. These relationships are based on a long, close relationship of transparency, on high quality service and competitive exchange rates, and commissions that enable us to provide a fast, reliable and easy-to-use payment service.

We have developed an extensive network of correspondents who send money to 160 countries, and over 220,000 payment points

Since our beginnings in 2004 we have set up, by means of direct agreements, a wide network of correspondents enabling us to send money to over 160 countries, with a total of 220,000 payment points, most of them with immediate delivery.

We provide:

  • Over-the-counter-payment
  • Deposit in bank accounts
  • Home delivery
  • Sending of cheques
  • Payment to cards
  • Payment to mobile devices
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