How is the money delivered to my beneficiary?

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How is the money delivered to my beneficiary?


When you transfer money, choose your preferred option out of the different payment possibilities available in the country of destination: payment in office, deposit into bank account, home delivery. Payment in office: your beneficiary will receive their money at the point of payment you choose. Some of our payment agencies allow payment at any of the offices in their network and so the beneficiary can visit the office closest to them. Don’t forget to give them the payment code as in such cases it is compulsory for payment. If you wish, you can arrange to send it via SMS to your beneficiary.

Deposit into account: the money will be transferred directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. Remember you must register the beneficiary’s bank accounts correctly. If they are incorrect, we will contact you to correct them as soon as possible.

Home delivery: in some countries, you have the choice for your beneficiary to receive their money at home. To this end, you will need to register their full address and our agent will take the money to their door quickly and securely.

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