What Makes Us Different

We are dependable, reliable and always deliver

A reputation for dependability, prestige and reliability is vital in our sector. It takes years to establish a solid reputation, and only seconds to lose it. As our track record shows, what sets us apart is our dependability and our ability to stand behind the commitment to our customers and to the agents–whom we treat as partners–, supporting them, to our correspondents, a vital link in the value chain, and of course to the authorities that set the rules of the game. We can safely say to our customers ‘your money is safe’. In the unlikely event of an incident, we always reimburse the sender.

We understand your needs

Our wide network of agents, our payment network branches in over 148 countries, and our extensive and intelligent use of technology, all give us an edge over our competition when it comes to delivering a high quality service.

We have our ears open to your needs and ideas. Our goal is to fulfill these requirements through the best, most cost-effective proposals.

Specialised in cultural relationships, languages, and geographical regions

Our personnel are highly experienced with the money transfer system, having specialised in creating, developing, and implementing capillary networks of payments that enable you to reach family and friends around the world. This knowledge allows our expert staff to make careful evaluations of both traditional and emerging business models

legislative frameworks, increasingly complex money-laundering schemes, changing macroeconomic tendencies, liquidity constraints, and the impact of fast-moving technological progress, for the sole purpose of providing you with a better, faster, more affordable service that is closer to the needs of you and your family.

Experience with regulatory frameworks

The conditions necessary to obtain regulatory approval, and sustain positive relationships with government authorities constitute a significant barrier of entry to new countries. Our knowledge of the increasingly demanding and comprehensive regulatory framework, our proven record, and the relationships we have already established with regulatory bodies, represent a unique competitive advantage. In the interest of efficiency, compliance with all local laws is ensured by a proprietary automatic monitoring and detection technology that alerts us whenever a possible infringement might be taking place.

Here at Monty, we have earned an unreserved acceptance from regulators, and have obtained the necessary approvals to carry on our business in United States, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

A correspondent network that is nothing short of extraordinary

Monty’s worldwide payment network is a cornerstone of the service, and an essential part of the transaction execution process. We have, therefore, developed an extensive and prestigious list of correspondent payment institutions, covering five different continents. The personal relationships forged over years of working hand in hand with companies, and interactions with specialised consultants, enable Monty to tap into the vast flow of information on patterns and trends, leading to well-established, trustworthy services.

Our strong mindset and the pursuit of excellence allow us to roll up our sleeves and work shoulder to shoulder with each team, looking to exert the highest degree of influence on key industry issues, and achieve optimal results. Together, we set strategic objectives and engage in productive dialogue in order to generate value for our customers.

Excellence In Managing Complexity

We are an independent enterprise that has the financial strength required to be considered “a dependable, innovative company capable of negotiating with an open mind towards change and with which business can be done”. Thanks to our expertise and our ability to act swiftly, clients consider us the “first choice” when it comes to executing complex transactions. The wide experience we have accumulated translates into cooperation agreements with leading business groups, involving complex business models, advanced technologies, and dynamic regulatory environments.

These agreements require a thorough understanding of regulatory constraints, cost structures, customer behavior, as well as a detailed mastery over the financial services realm, rigorous analytical capabilities, and the conviction to act decisively.

We are firm in our focus to provide value to clients, and our adherence to a strict pricing discipline, although we also exhibit great flexibility and creativity towards building agreements and ensuring they comply with our objectives, and our stockholders’ interests.

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