What are our Values?

Our values are at the core of everything we do:

They define who we are, and what we stand for as a company. Our values are an intrinsic part of our interactions with customers, partners, colleagues, and the society in which we live in.

Our goal is to deliver results and achieve professional excellence in a professional and responsible manner, in an environment based on merit. These corporate values are the foundation of our culture. They guide our actions, describe how we behave in daily life, and are specified in the following charter:


We have the courage and strength to shape a better future. “We do not follow the path; we make a new road.”


“If something needs to get done I will do it even if I make mistakes.”


Our individual and corporate conduct is governed by the highest ethical, professional, and moral standards.We are committed to doing the right thing, without exception. No one at Monty employs unethical methods in order to gain a competitive advantage.


Our management seeks stability, reliability, and professionalism in everything we do. We work for the long term.

Respect for people

We firmly believe that our team, made up of good people who work for the good of the company, is our greatest asset, and we value the personal contribution of each member. Being a diverse company in terms of culture, origin and training is a strength that drives us toward a common goal.


We recognize and reward people according to their achievements and contribution to the overall project.


We are direct and transparent. Our language is simple, our actions, clear.


“We are proud of our achievements, but never satisfied.” We are passionate about results. We are committed to continuous improvement and success in everything we undertake. We do what we do well because we listen, understand and provide answers to the needs of our customers.

Resource Optimisation

We are committed to maximising our performance levels, and productivity in all areas of the business. Everything we do must be sustainable in the long term. We work to achieve more with less. Limitations encourage ingenuity.


We foster an environment where we can learn from our success, but above all, from our mistakes. We seek better and different solutions. We do not rely on fads nor are led by herd instinct. We are constantly listening, gathering information, thinking, and researching ways in which to incorporate new, value-adding ideas for the customer. We are never satisfied with the usability or quality of our services. We always aim to provide the best, most affordable service, and exceed our customers’ expectations by asking ourselves “How can we do this better?”

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