What is our Mission?

Our mission is a statement of our purpose as a company. It serves as a standard against which we measure our actions and decisions. It is the foundation of our manifesto:

To set industry standards and enable you to send money anywhere in the world thanks to our intelligent use of technology, in the easiest and most accessible way possible, all at a reasonable. We seek to overcome all limitations and achieve innovation and excellence in everything we do, so as to be recognised as leaders in the payment services market.

We want to walk the walk, which means always being consistent, dependable, and reliable, as well as providing simple, reliable, and flexible solutions. We are judged by what we do, not by what we say we do. Maintaining the reputation we have built throughout the company’s history is a day-to-day task. Therefore, we demand the highest degree of integrity and commitment to our values from all here at Monty.

We are and will remain focused on payment services. We will continue to expand our brand globally, provide our customers with the services they demand, and continuously improve their experience as users. Our value proposal is built on business premises that favor the capital strength preservation and risk management that distinguish us.

The basis for our strategy is the efficient reallocation of generated capital and resources into mature channels, segments, markets, and other areas with high growth potential, or in the worst-case scenario, to return it to shareholders.

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